Services Offered

   Production Management Planning
      - Fertility and soil management plan
      - Weed, insect, and disease management plan
      - Variety selection
      - Based on soil and nematode samples, crop and field history
      - Tailored to fit each individual operation

   In-Season Update/Review
      - In field examination at key times during the growing season
      - Check effectiveness of production plan and targets sought
      - Information gathered to help plan next season's production strategy

   In-Season Monitoring Service
      - Pests (weeds, insects, diseases) are scouted on a regimented basis
      - Crop growth and other agronomic conditions are monitored
      - Scouting reports and recommendations are supplied on a timely basis

   GPS Zone Management
      - Production zones established by location, soil type and yield history
      - Variable rate fertilizer and lime prescriptions

   Contract Research
      - Variety and trait expression evaluations
      - Product efficacy trials

   Technical Service Provider
      - Nutrient and pest management plans for NRCS