History of IMPACT Agronomics, Inc.

IMPACT Agronomics, Inc. began operations in 1984 in Beaufort, North Carolina. The agricultural consulting business, originally Peele Agricultural Consulting, Inc. was launched by Bill Peele who developed programs to help farmers better manage their field and farm operations in Carteret, Pamlico, and Beaufort counties. This was one of the first agricultural consulting businesses in North Carolina. Bill's economic and production oriented work was based on "defining the limiting factor" of every farm activity. Bill, along with his wife Dale, conducted the business. Programs were named based on the PAC initials and called IMPACT programs.

The business moved to Washington in 1986 to better serve the developing clientele on both sides of the Pamlico River. Bill began to also service growers in Hyde, Washington, and Tyrrell counties. Opportunities developed with cabbage and Irish potato production in Camden and Currituck counties. The initial crop mix of corn, wheat, soybeans, cabbage, and Irish potatoes grew to later include sweet corn, broccoli, snap beans, and cucumbers. In 1994 cotton began to come back and has since developed as a major crop.

Bill's goals and determination have been shared by several individuals coming through the consulting ranks. Bruce Niederhauser joined the business in 1989. Together they operated out of the Washington office and opened a satellite office in Camden, NC. Stan Winslow was hired as an agronomist, after several years of employment Stan purchased the Camden office. He now operates as Tidewater Agronomics, Inc. In 1994 the name was changed to IMPACT Agronomics, Inc. Bruce began sharing in ownership. At the end of 2003 Bruce started his own consulting business, Total Agronomics, Inc. In 1998 Dawn Davis was hired as an agronomist to service the Hyde and Tyrrell counties. Her strong work ethic and farm background proved to be great assets in helping consult farmers. Dawn left the business in 2007 to devote more time to her family. Todd Waters joined the ranks as an agronomist in 2001. A native of Beaufort county, Todd was a good fit for consulting with farmers in Beaufort, Hyde, and Washington counties. Todd left the business in 2004 and now works with Coastal Carolina Gin.

Research has always been of high interest. In the early years both efficacy and residue trials were conducted. Staying abreast of new technology was key in providing up to date information to clientele. As this component of the business grew, Patrick Kennedy was brought on board in 1998 to head up research. With the advent of biotechnology, new and exciting challenges were being met with research on varieties, ag chemicals, and production strategies. Patrick retired from IMPACT in 2006.

Allen Hubers came on board as an agronomist in 2005. He pays excellent attention to detail, is computer savy, and understands crop production. During the winter production months of both 2005 and 2006 Allen worked with the research division of Glades Crop Care, Inc. in Jupiter, Florida. In 2007 Allen began overseeing research activities on IMPACT's newly established research farm. Currently IMPACT is conducting numerous variety trials in cotton, corn, and soybeans, as well as product efficacy studies and production strategy evaluations. Research has continued to be an important avenue for providing the industry with trait and yield evaluation as well as providing IMPACT with insight on future field performance.

Throughout the years of operation the business has effectively provided superb agronomic work for its clients. The current "Making A Difference" philosophy is consistent with all business activities, and is evident with the positive effects the team of agronomists has with their clients, and community.

The year 2004 marked the 20th anniversary of service to the growers and agricultural industry of North Carolina. IMPACT agronomists are very active in the North Carolina Agricultural Consultants Association and the National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants.